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Adult Group Lesson

At Gold Fins, we offer swimming group lessons to adults of all abilities. We offer a range of classes within a small group. For complete beginners or nervous swimmers, we work on gaining confidence in the water to basic technique and being safe in the water. For those who are already confident and know how to swim, we work on refining your stroke technique. This will help you to develop technique across a range of strokes as well as increase the distance you are able to swim.


You can learn how to swim at any age and can benefit you in many ways.


  • Swimming is a life saving skill and will greatly reduce the risk of drowning. Knowing basic skills like threading water, floating and breathing could help you and others around you in the water. 


  • Swimming is one of the best low impact exercise and also helps you to unwind and relax, therefore has immense benefits to your mental health. Learning how to swim will give you a huge confidence boost and will make you feel happier. 


  • Most holidays include swimming or being in the water and you might miss some of the fun if you don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to be in the water with your friends and family. Learning how to swim also allows you to spend quality time with your children if they also know how to swim. 


  • More than half of adults feel it’s intimidating to learn to swim, with this number increasing to nearly three in five amongst those who have never swum, new research has revealed. Gold Fins provides a calm and friendly environment where everyone in the group is working towards the same goal and motivates each other. 


It is never too late to learn how to swim and it would be one of your best accomplishments in your life . Take the plunge! 

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