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What are your poolside procedures?

  • Swimmers should arrive 5 minutes before lesson starts

  • Come swim ready as changing rooms are only available for swimmers after lessons

  • Parents should remain onsite at the pool when their child/ren is/are swimming

  • Swimmers should not eat for at least 1 hour prior to swimming

  • No Food/drink should not be consumed on poolside or changing room 

  • No photography or filming is allowed during any of our lessons or on pool premises

  • Please do not attend lesson or bring a swimmer if you are unwell, have a temperature or other symptoms of an infectious condition 


What equipment should I bring to lessons?

  • Swim hat (Swim hat is not required for babies and adults joining Parent & Baby lessons)

  • Swim nappy for any child who isn’t potty trained and normal swimwear on top 

  • Goggles (Swimmers at Improver level or above are compulsory)

  • Flip flops

  • Towel 


Do I need to get in the water with my child?

Babies and children under 3 years old 

One parent should be in the water with them 

Children 3 - 5 years old 

Parents are not expected to get into the water unless your child does not settle in. Teachers will advise after the first lesson. 

Children aged 5+

Parents are not expected to get into the water unless your child does not settle in. Teachers will advise after the first lesson. 

How warm is your pool?

Our pool at “The Bramley Hill Centre” operates at the temperature of approximately 32 degrees celsius, with the air temperature kept at least 1 degree celsius higher at 33-34 degrees celsius.

What is the size and depth of the pool?

Our pool at “The Bramley Hill Centre” measures 6m x 4m, with a water line depth of 1.25m. We also use a pool platform for our non-swimmers. 

How many in a swimming class? 

Our classes are taught in small groups of 4 or a maximum of 6 

How do we track progress at Gold Fins Swimming?

We use “The International Learn to Swim” programme which aims to provide a complete progressive aquatic pathway for learners of all ages to progress from their first aquatic experiences through to becoming safe proficient swimmers. The scheme aims to build on knowledge and skill development at each level. Add link. To motivate our swimmers, we have a presentation where we reward achievement through a range of exciting awards and certificates. 


How long does it take a child to learn to swim? 

Learning to swim depends greatly on a number of different factors which is age, natural ability and willingness to learn. Each student progresses at their own rate. 

Are the teachers in the water?

Teachers are in the water for non swimmers and parents/baby lessons. 

Teachers teach from poolside for swimmers 

I am nervous about my child starting lessons, what should I do?

Children can often feel how their parents feel and the anxiety can easily be transferred to your children. Try to be positive and encouraging at all times with your child. Do not hesitate to let the instructor know if you have any concern and we will try to support you through it. 

How do we pay for a swimming lesson?

Payment is made via a debit or credit card (no booking fee)


What happens if I/my child can't attend a class?

If a swimmer is not able to attend lessons due to sickness or holiday, Gold Fins Swimming Limited will be unable to refund or freeze lessons. However Gold Fins Swimming will do their best to reschedule (with short notice) but this cannot be promised as it depends on availability. 


Can I take pictures of, or record my children swimming?

Photography/videos (other than those taken by our professional photographers) are not permitted at any time. Clients will be asked to give their consent for the photographing or videoing of children or asked to sign a consent form for their child to appear in any photographs or video taken by our authorised photographers. Imagery is be shared on our social media channels and for marketing purposes.

What should I do if I no longer want to continue my swimming lessons?

We take pride in seeing our swimmers progressing and achieve their goal whilst having fun. However you are free to leave the swim school at any time. Unfortunately in all cases, we do not offer refunds or credits as the payment made secures the place for a full term. Read more in our full Terms & Conditions.

What training do the teachers have?

All of our teachers are Swim England and STA trained and will have gone through an enhanced DBS check.

Is it ok to swim if I have a medical condition?

It is usually possible to swim with most medical conditions, lessons can be adapted to suit the needs of swimmers. It isn’t advisable to swim after surgery or if you have any wounds on your body. Prior to starting lessons we’d love to discuss any medical needs with you, and potentially you will need approval from your doctor. Speak to us and we can work that out with you!

Where required, medicine can be kept on poolside (inhalers, epipens etc), and the person (parent or guardian) responsible for administering the medicine should also stay close. If your child is able to administer their own medicine please let us know.


What swimming badges do the children work towards?

At Gold Fins Swimming we work towards the STA International Learn to Swim Programme. 

We maintain a varied, fun and engaging and challenging swimming programme!


Who can join a swimming lesson?

Anyone can join a swimming lesson! We will ensure you or your child is matched with a suitable stage class, adults can also join a suitable group - so they or you can enjoy learning at a comfortable level.

Can I take pictures of, or record my children swimming?

The use of any type of camera, video or recording equipment is strictly prohibited.

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